(Jauretsi, at Havana Biennial 2012)

Jauretsi is "a New York based Cuban Culture Hunter" - Billboard Magazine

"She’s pretty much the coolest person on the planet, and the nicest production Jedi out there. If you want to stay in touch with everything 'culture Cuba,' you saw it first with Jauretsi." - Startup Cuba 

The New Cuba is a space created by me, Jauretsi (a Cuban-American Producer by way of New York), to shine a light on all the people, places, and things shaping the narrative in Cuba today. The aim is to bridge the gap between foreign projects and the authentic Cuba, leaving any cliches at the door. My specialty is seeking subcultures in creative sectors — Film, Fashion, Music, Art, Sports, Tech, and beyond.

An extra note is that I am a DJ for 20 years, with a past Cuban-themed radio show (think  Latin Funk too). It was recorded at Miss Lily’s in Soho, NYC. Lugging the crates of vinyl every week, I held coffee-chats with creatives who were releasing a project involving Cuba. In essence, music and film are 2 passion points as a Producer and Director.

For Cuba projects, I offer 360 services —  ideation, archival, researching, team-building, budgeting, government approval, and execution — both inside the island, or outside. With access to reliable teams that reside on the ground in Cuba, consider me your “one-stop-shop” to execute any vision. I’m also flexible with á la carte services, namely casting, location scouting, or story producing.

Additional Production Offerings: Travel Consulting, Location Permits, Media Credentials, Lodging, Transportation, Itineraries, Local film staff, and more. In short, I want to make your project a reality.

A bit about my background: Over the years, my print and media clients have included Conde Nast, New York Times’ T Magazine, eBay, Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other , The Standard Hotel, Nowness, and a bevy of Luxury clients. To view my American media work, visit Jauretsi.com.

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